Requirements according to items 3.1.3 of Attachment 6 to

Decree of the Minister of Economics No. 9/2001. (IV.5.) GM;

conditions of obtaining a certificate



a) The applicant meets the requirements if:

  • he/she holds a valid NDT certificate according to MSZ EN ISO 9712 extended to product area (w) for the professional industrial field Metal Products (M);
  • he/she is aware of the directives of 97/23 EC and 9/2001.(IV.5.)GM as well as the professional- specific parts of the Decree;
  • he/she is aware of the professional-specific parts of the harmonized and supporting standards of Directive 97/23 EC, and passed an examination on them by filling up tick-box tests with a mark of 70% (10/7).


b) Participation in preparatory courses is not required only recommended. The curriculum of the preparatory course includes:

  • A short description of Decree No. 9/2001.(IV.5.)GM and Directive 97/23 EC; justification of the differences and validities (2 hours).
  • Description, application and major sections of the professional-specific parts of principal standards harmonizing with and supporting the Directive (8 x 45 minutes)
  • MSZ EN 13445-5 Pressure vessels without heating. Part 5, Supervision and testing.
  • MSZ EN 13445-5 Item 6.6 and Attachment G. Internal and superficial deviations. (97/23 EC, Attachment 1, Item 3.1.3).
  • MSZ EN 13445-5 Item 12. Documentation, Attachment G3.
  • MSZ EN 12953-5 Structural pressure units of boilers. Supervision.
  • MSZ EN 13480-5 Metal industry pipelines, Part 5: Supervision and testing.
  • MSZ EN 13480-5 Item 8: (97/23 EC Attachment 1, Item 3.1.3) NDT testing personnel.
  • MSZ EN 13480-5 Item 8 (97/23 EC Attachment 1, NDT testing, Item 7.2.).
  • MSZ EN 13480-5 Items 9: Documentation.
  • MSZ EN 473:2001 Items 3, 4, 5.3 and 6.
  • MSZ EN 12952-5 Water-pipe boilers and auxiliary plants, Part 5. Manufacturing of pressure loaded parts of the boilers.


c.) Testing examination

Tests consist of 10 questions; 5 questions concern the knowledge of laws and directives while 5 others – the knowledge of standards. The applicant shall select 1 answer (deemed as correct) of 4.


Assessment of suitability

On behalf of MHtE’s Material Testing Governing Body, the director - on an MSZ EN ISO 9712 qualification certificate – using a special stamp imprint designed for this purpose and his authenticating signature, indicates for the user that the tester is apt to perform testing of pressure vessels.


The certificate also bears a stamp imprint indicating that MHtE is the organization designated for this purpose by the Ministry of Economics and Transport.


In order to apply for an examination, please, fill in the application form to be found on the website






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